Arabic Dancing in Santiago

At the end of last year I decided to look for ways to de-stress because I was about to enter the craziest time of the year for an auditor – financial year end was here and then we have to audit it. By chance, I came across a dance academy for Arabic Dancing, also known as Bellydancing, which happened to be close to where I live and where my main client was.

After taking to R on serval occasions I decided to go for it, what did I have to lose? Nothing, and I had everything to gain. From Early Jan through to February, I took the first level (Green) in the form of the intensive course, as it was summer and the official semester had not started. Every Friday I would go to class, for 3 hours to disconnect from the word, from the craziness of my work, the demands of “adulthood”, just everything in general. And well, little by little, I fell in love with this type of dance. I loved the Academy, but more than the Academy physically, the people who made it so beautiful, the teachers to the admin staff, every small detail they put effort into, and took so much joy in passing on their passion for the dance.

Going into March I decided to take the second level (blue) and with the help of my teacher, I became motivated to participate in the students show last month. It was such a beautiful experience and I was so happy at everything I had achieved. Even though I am not perfect at everything we worked on and practiced, it was so amazing to present with the other girls in my course.

Group pic after our final class

This has been one of my greatest achievements in my time here in Chile, not just dancing, going to classes, but dancing in public with more than 200 people present. Never, in my life, I would have thought I would dance in public like this, nor in the beautiful clothing that the dances wear in bellydancing. I am a person who is very critical about myself, like a lot of people in reality, how I look, my body, how I do things, what others think about me, if they get along with me or not, I could go on and on. However, the teachers in the Academy are so kind and supportive, they want you to succeed and more than anything enjoy dancing, not stress out if something is complicated and its taking you longer to understand.

I am so excited to start the third level next month for the time I have left here in Chile. If you are an expat living here in Chile, I 100% recommend this Academy. If you want to dance, try something new or challenge yourself, why not give it a go?

Here is their page for further details

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