1,000 Steps (and part of The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk)

Probably one of Melbourne’s most popular bushwalks and one of the most accessible by public transport, 1,000 steps was created in the early 1900s. Despite its name, 1,000 steps really only comprises approx 770 steps!

This is one of my favourite quick workout treks close to Melbourne, and I have passed many saturday mornings here.

Key information

Start/Finish: Round trip from the 1000 Steps Dandenong carpark.
Distance: approx 4 km circuit (up the 1000 Steps, down the Lyrebird Trail).
Time: 1 hr (also depends on fitness levels)
Grade: Steep (reasonable level of fitness required)
Track: Gravel, Dirt, Stairs
Attire: Workout gear
Where: Upper Ferntree Gully, Dandenong Ranges.
Provisions: 1 L of water per person though there are water fountains at the top of the trail. (snacks if you desire).

1,000 Steps

Ample parking is provided below the trail but the actual steps start approx 800m from this area.

There are an assortment of plaques along the trail which depict the lives of soldiers who were on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea during World World II. Apparently the steps represent the ‘Golden Staircase’ which was 2,000 steps by those on the trail, including Australian Army Engineers between Uberi and Imita Ridge.

Along the trail you can enjoy the birdlife that is all around, including the odd Lyrebird that you can hear or see scratching around.

Resting area at the top of the walk

When you arrive and the top you have the option to continue the Kokoda Trail on some 800m to One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill – full of trees 🙂

We opted on our return to take the Lyrebird Track, which contains wider paths and is generally less congested.

Please also note that dogs are not allowed at the 1,000 Steps.

Before you go: Tips

  1. If you can, go early. 1,000 Steps are very popular so when you drive to get there it is best to get there early so you don’t have to park 2km from the start of the walk.
  2. It is a good idea to take water, though there are water fountains at the start of the treck and at the top in case you forget.
  3. Running shoes are sufficient to do the trail in but be careful after rain as the steps get quite slippery!

Getting there

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