What I’m listening to right now – podcasts

Over the past few months I have really dived into listening to podcasts, it has been fantastic for running, walking, and sometimes when I have to mindlessly process data at work. I’ve been listening to a mix so check them out below – you might find something you may like!

Dirt Church Radio

For the trail runners, and runners alike Dirt Church Radio provides fantastic conversations with really interesting people. Each week they have a new interview as well as providing information on “stuff you should know” and listeners best run ever. Sometimes it has a bit of a mental health twist which I am all for. For all your interesting trail running conversations needs check them out here: Website, Instagram, Apple podcasts and Spotify

Forever 35

Kate and Doree (or Kat and Dor) love serums and self care. This podcast makes you feel like you are listening to your best friends chat about their lives and as well as beauty, self care and general life advice. The have longer interview episodes and then they also have integrated mini episodes where they take questions and listener feedback. This is one of the few podcasts I have bothered to listen to all their episodes from the start and I was pretty slow to catch on to this magic. Check them out here: Website, Instagram, Apple podcasts and Spotify

Bad on Paper

Similar vibe to Forever 35 (for me) Grace and Becca are a weekly podcast about all that is life: dating, fashion, beauty and books. Heaps of banter, and interviews, they also have a monthly book club as well as a heap of other book recommendations. My list of books on good reads just keeps getting longer! Check them out here: Website, Instagram and Apple podcasts.

The Happiness Lab

A podcast hosted by Dr Laurie Santos that goes through the latest scientific research around what happiness is. The classic more money or a better job thoughts are proven wrong while Dr Laurie shares some interesting and not to mention inspiring stories which will change the way you think about happiness. Check her out here: Website and Apple podcast.

Dr Laurie has also created a free course for Harvard called Psychology and the Good Life, if you liked the podcast, be sure to check this out too!

Ted Talks Daily

I love a good Ted talk, whether it be inspiring, educational, thought provoking or just really interesting. I think this podcast kind goes without saying really but had to add it in just incase. I have learnt so many interesting things from Ted Talks, so if you haven’t listened to one before, now is your chance 🙂 Check them out here: Website and Apple podcasts.

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