Life Update!

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are well! I havent shared much about our lives in Australia and now a few months have gone bye. In all truth it has been crazy and it’s still a bit like that! Little by little I’m adapting to my new job. It is a bit different what what I used to do, more the way of thinking and what I’m trying to identify more than anything. But it also is fun learning new stuff!

My Chileno is also in the adapting process too. He is working on improving his english and doesn’t yet has the job of his dreams but that is ok! He has also started doing voulenteer work in his free time to practice more and more his speaking 🙂

We haven’t been travelling much – and so thats why on instagram there are still a lot of pics from NZ. Our jobs don’t aways match perfectly on the weekend, but we are planning some things in the future.

In summer we went to the beach a lot and we have also enjoyed a walking route there is for the coast.

I’m still bellydancing and pole dancing – and have started to relearn french! It was my second language as I lived in Canada as a chile, however when we returned to NZ I stopped speaking it and lost it.


Here there are heaps of cool events and festivals etc. For me, I find the city at night has a special type of magic! We love going for walks along the river – so here are some pics. Hope you enjoy!

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