You Yangs Regional Park

We have finally started to do some Melbourne Trekking and I’m so happy! One thing that I miss a lot about Santiago is how close a lot of the hills where I would run or trek on were public transport accessible or even not too pricey for an Uber. However, much of Melbourne isn’t quite like that but luckily with the Help of my friend Jay who loves a good trek (and has a car) we have awesome company and a ride to so many places!

First up – the You Yangs!

The You Yangs are made up of a series of granite ridges the rise from flat volcanic plains that make up Flinders Peak at 319m.

Visit Melbourne lists the You Yangs for Various activities such as mountain biking, birdwatching, cycling and self-guided (which I assume is walking).

The park itself is also home to a range of different wildlife including over 200 species of birds as well as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas (though we didn’t see any).

Getting there

5 Branch Road
Little River VIC 3212
13 1963

The You Yangs Regional Park is about an hour or so out of Melbourne City (The map below is showing from Flinders Railway Station). As you can see, you can easily search the park and let google maps work it’s magic!

Before you go

Please note that conditions can change in National Parks for a variety of reasons so before you go please refer to the Parks Victoria website. Also, you will need to be bushfire aware especially in summer when you visiting parks. Please see here for some safety tips!

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