North Island Road Trip Part 1

So, if you have been following my Instagram, you will know: we have left Chile (as I explained in the previous blog), travelled round both the North and South Island (of New Zealand), taken some steps in our relationship, and moved to Melbourne, Australia and therefore, will make sense that I have somewhat abandoned this blog.

So in a way of catching yall up… I wanted to share with you all some of my fave holiday snaps from the upwards part of our trip in the North Island to start with and to give you an idea of where we went and what we did!

Our North Island trip looked a little like this:

Yes, a lot of driving which I did by myself. Roads in New Zealand are very windy and can be quite dangerous so we decided that me being the more experienced drive would take the whole responsibility, unless I didn’t feel the greatest. Luckily I had the best co pilot ever and it wasn’t that bad!

First we went from Wellington to Napier (just for lunch)

Then from Napier straight through to Gisborne (that was a long day).

After Gisborne we headed up further north to the Mount

After the Mount we reached the highest part of our trip to the North Island the Coromandel which was spectacular!

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