Changes to entry into New Zealand

Up until very soon, a large list of countries have been able to enter New Zealand and receive a visa upon arrival, however from 1 October, that is all changing. From the 1st of October this year (2019), some visitors and tourists must obtain a NZeTA before they leave for New Zealan and without this, they won’t be permitted to travel.

For my friends who are Australian citizens and are travelling on an Australian passport don’t need to worry about these pending changes, as you do not need to apply for an NZeTA under a mutual travel agreement with the New Zealand government.

To apply for the NZeTA you can apply here, but please note, it can take up to 72 hours to process, so allow plenty of time to complete before you leave.  There is even an app on which you can apply and it makes it ever so slightly cheaper.

For more information on this new visa requirement, head to the New Zealand Immigration site.  

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