How can you help Australia?

We are now over half way through January and I’m only just writing something! This month has been pretty crazy and I’m about to be travelling a bit for work, so I thought I better pop on and say hi!

This summer has been quite an experience for me in terms of the Australian bushfires. You have seen the effects of the smoke in Sydney, and Melbourne has had some pretty tragic day. But it’s not just that, what these big cities experience for a few days, the small towns in bushfire danger, live this reality on a day to day basis, which I personally cannot comprehend.

A lot of people on instagram have asked me how to help, so please find below a few links to places to donate.


New South Wales and Victoria

Disaster recovery

South Australia


RSPCA: New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia

People affected

The Salvation Army
Australia Red Cross
Vinnies NSW

Remember there are heaps more places you can donate, or activities in which you can get involved with, this is not an all inclusive list. If there is a like that you think is really valuable and you would like to see it here. Please let me know.

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