One of my favorite parts of the day is sunrise. For me there is something magical about the sun ever so slowly creeping over the hills and lighting up a city, the feeling of a new day, a new chance, a new adventure. Back home in New Zealand I used to get up at dawn and walking along the waterfront in the morning, with the sunlight peeking through was always spectacular.

Here in Chile, this year for my birthday, I wanted to get up early and climb up a hill for the sunrise, however, the weather did not want to gift me this and decided to rain quite a bit so I ended up staying home. However, this activity is still pending on my list, cerro manquehuito… boyfriend if you are reading this, take note.

Have a look at a few sunrises I have captured from New Zealand and from my apartment in Chile

Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Panama City, Panama

Wellington, New Zealand – sort of destroyed by instagram 🙁
Wellington, New Zealand

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