Museum day

In my opinion one of the most beautiful buildings of Santiago is the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts (el mueso de bellas artes) which is located in the building “el Palacio de Bellas Artes” in Santiago Central. The museum was officially founded on the 18th of September 1880 with the name of Museo National de Pinturas (National Painting Museum) only to change it 7 years later, 1887 to its current name.

The Palacio is in a neo classical second empire style and baroque revival style, it was designed by the French Chilean architect Emile Jequier, who collaborated with Mauricio Aubert and Enrique Grossín.

The museum has three types of collections, permanent, temporary and historical. I personally tend to visit every few months to check out the temporary collections and well, just enjoy the beautiful building.

The Museum is free to everyone and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am till 6:45pm. It is located at the following direction: José Miguel de la Barra 650 (Paque Forestal). The simplest way to get there is getting off at the Bellas Artes metro station the line 5 and walking under 4 minutes:

For more information and to see what temporary collections are on show be sure to check out the official website! (It’s in Spanish)

Mueso de Bellas Artes

Mueso de Bellas Artes

Mueso de Bellas Artes   Mueso de Bellas Artes

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