Fiestas Patrias

Happy Monday! Just kidding, here in Chile we are back to work as if it is Monday after spending the last four days celebrating Chilean independence, fiestas patrias. I spent time in the town of Hijuelas after visiting a fonda (a place where food and beverages are sold, generally in a park) in la Reina – it was a blast!

The Fonda en La Reina

The fiestas patrias is a celebration and expression of Chilean culture. Traditional ways of celebrating include dancing the national dance of Chile called Cueca, going to Fondas, lots of barbecues and going to the rodeo (however this is under a bit of scrutiny at the moment due to animal rights activists).

A dog dancing Cueca en la Reina

In Hijuelas we spent time visiting family and eating lots of barbecues, empanadas and drinking Terremotos (one of Chiles traditional drinks – in English it translates to earthquake!). However, for many here in Chile we are back to the reality of work for 3 more days until the weekend!

La Campana hill from Hijuelas
Amar Azul Concert in the Medialuna of Rabuco

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