Brunch, a combination of the words breakfast and lunch is traditionally served between 11am and 3pm and is not very Chilean at all. According to Wikipedia originated in England in during the late 19th century and became popular in the 1930s in the US. Back home in New Zealand after a big Saturday night, with my friends we would generally meet up for brunch and get the down low about the night.

After a Saturday of trekking in the pre cordillera the perfect plan for a lazy Sunday was brunch. After playing tourist and visiting Palacio Cousiño (more on that another day) we headed to Tea Connection, Av. Pedro de Valdivia 0129 (Metro Pedro de Valdivia).

Tea Connection has two types of brunch menus one that is based around an omelette and the other salmon, both come with a small salad, yogurt with cereal and fruit, toasted bread, the omelette also has potato wedges and the salmon comes with scrambled eggs. With both types brunches you are able to select one of their many types of tea and you can have a glass of bubbles or another pot of tea. All of this is 10.900 CLP which for me is a little pricy but sill decent considering the size and the quality of the food.

With a good friend here we plan to investigate other brunches that are served in various parts of Santiago and of course I’ll share the details with you all! So far we have the following recommendations:

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